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Home Remedies for Angular Cheilitis

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Angular cheilitis manifests itself by red, cracked dry skin within corners of the mouth. The condition is more common than most people think and can affect people of nearly all ages. The problem is that once it develops, bacteria and fungus can grow in the affected areas, and this in turn will cause an infection. The most troublesome part is that it can come and go if you are not determined to treat it properly. Besides being very physically painful, it can lead the sufferer to feel insecure and lose self-confidence. But, that’s why you’re here and below are presented a few home remedies that you can try to clear up the nasty condition and its painful symptoms.

Figuring out what will be the most effective angular cheilitis home remedy for your condition is not an easy task. This is because there are plenty of them that can cure different types of skin problems. Also, the causes can differ from one person to another. The pain seems to cut literally especially when you need to open your mouth – something that you have to do when you need to speak, eat or drink. Not all individuals want to exert dedicated effort and time to find effective remedies for cheilitis. This initially encourages them to resort to medications prescribed by doctors thinking that this is the easiest route to treat the problem.

Natural cures for angular cheilitis can take care of this very uncomfortable and shameful problem. These methods consist of using home available solutions and other items that are typically easy to find, i.e. Amazon.

See the book covers below for special at home treatment programs that use natural remedies to get rid of cheilitis. These come with a small price, (still less than the price of a doctor’s visit) but contain many, many more remedies. Since there are different causes to the condition, there are different remedies and having all of them available to you might be worth the price. Below the home treatment programs are a few specific home remedies that you can try. Feel free to add more in the comments.

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1. Deficiency in iron, riboflavin, vitamins B-2, B-3, and B-12 can be a cause. This is why a well balanced diet is really the best home remedy you can use. As mom would say, make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and food items high in iron.

2. Try slicing a piece of cucumber and rub it on the corners of your mouth.

3. Aloe vera gel helps to provide relief, but isn’t a long term cure.

4. There is a special lip balm called “Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm” which has good reviews and goes for about $4.00 on Amazon.

5. Try placing a humidifier in your bedroom as you sleep to keep the air moist.

6. Antifungal cream helps and is usually what the Doctor will prescribe if you make a visit.

7. More on diet: follow an anti-fungal diet and limit intake of foods such as refined sugar, yeast, alcohol, and dairy products.

8. Some have tried yeast infection cream or neosporin as a successful temporary fix.

9. If you live in Europe, there is a cream called “Sudocream” that has worked for some. It is basically a cream for diaper rash.

10. Drink LOTS of water.

Home remedies are very effective and can be used effectively to permanently remove this disease. Many of these focus on “drying out” the areas where bacteria and fungi thrive without causing the sores, lesions, and cracks to worsen. They commonly only involve one or two of the key ingredients that are frequently found in most homes. It can also be easily bought from any store or groceries.

Almost everyone has experienced angular cheilitis also known as angular stomatitis, perleche or cheilosis at some point in their life. This means that you are not alone in this battle and there are many other sufferers that are being challenged by this very grudging condition. But if you are able to understand how it developed, the easier it would be for you to discover an effective angular cheilitis home remedy that can free you from the negative consequences that it brings about.

Home Remedies for Gout

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Gout is a type of acute inflammatory arthritis. When uric acid is in excess numbers in the blood, it will crystallize and deposit itself in tendons and joints. Uric acid is a normal product of the body, it’s just when it reaches unnatural levels, it causes gout.

Normally, uric acid crystals are flushed into the kidneys. It’s when the crystals deposit elsewhere that the condition develops. The underlying cause is called Hyperuricemia. The major cause of this condition is due to the underexcretion of uric acid, however, they are other causes as well such as diet and genetic predisposition. Statistics say that about 9-10% of people that have hyperuricemia will develop gout during some time in their life.

Gout symptoms mainly manifest themselves at night. The following are typical symptoms of gout:

Discomfort and swelling in joints.

Joints often develop a red color and are very tender.

The big toe is most commonly effected. The metatarsal-phalangeal joint at its base often manifests swelling and redness.

Who is at risk of getting gout?

To be honest, everyone is at risk but there are certainly some factors that increase the risk of developing this condition. For example, gout is often associated with obesity. Those who consume large amounts of food have a higher risk of developing gout. Also, people who consume large amounts of alcohol put themselves at a higher risk. Lack of exercise will also increase your chances. As you can see, if you don’t live a healthy lifestyle, you are much more likely to get this condition.

What are effective home remedies for gout?

The following table reviews some popular home treatment programs that have been successful for thousands of gout sufferers. They are full of home remedies and other advice to permanently rid yourself of gout. These come at small price however (still typically less that a doctor’s visit), but may be worth the investment. I’ve also listed some common home remedies below.

Home Treatment Program
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The Gout Remedy Report™ was created by Joe Barton. This treatment program has been endorsed by multiple doctors. It’s an easy step by step program which includes alternative remedies, treatments and prevention techniques. Some highlights:

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  • Detailed info on gout diets.
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Cure Gout Now™ was actually created by Lisa McDowell, the wife of a long time gout sufferer. She became fed up with the frequent doctor visits and unsuccessful treatments, that she researched gout until she came up with her own treatments, preventive measures and recipes which cured her husband. Here are some highlights:

  • 7 Step Method for Curing Gout.
  • Works fast and is completely natural.
  • Provides preventive methods as well as treatment.
  • 100% risk free money-back guarantee.

One of the best remedies that you can try is consumption of vitamin C. The most common food source that is recommended for gout sufferers is cherries. These can help to get rid of the built up acid crystals.

“An apple a day makes the gout go away.” Fruits can be very effective at reducing your symptoms. Other effective fruits are bananas, berries (strawberries are very good) and anything with high amounts of vitamin C.

Some dietary supplements have been known to help reduce gout. For example, safflower capsules are often used in the treatment of gout.

Drinking lots of water is a key home remedy. Even more effective is drinking water that has had lemon juice squeezed into it. Whether or not you use lemons, make sure you drink plenty of water, 7 glasses of water a day should be a minimum.

Reduce your consumption of alcohol and avoid smoking. You should know by now the harmful effects that these substances can have on your body, especially when they are not moderated.

To reduce pain associated with gout in the foot, try soaking your foot in a mixture of 1/3 cup of ground ginger and water for about half an hour. Afterwards be sure to clean the foot off completely so that the ginger won’t cause any irritation afterwards. You can also try soaking it in Epsom salts.

These are all good remedies, but in order for you to completely get rid of gout some lifestyle changes are probably in order. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times before, but here it goes once again: Eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and veggies and try to keep your weight in check and exercise daily. Even if this just means a walk around the park, it is better than nothing. Start small and work your up, once you start seeing results you will be motivated to keep improving. It is highly recommended that you visit your doctor to diagnose the severity of your gout. However, don’t rely on just the medication to get rid of gout.