Home Remedies for Burning Tongue

January 11th, 2011

Burning tongue is a condition usually associated with a painful sensation in the tongue that extends and is felt in almost all corners of the mouth. The condition is also known as scalded mouth syndrome, burning lips syndrome, glossodynia, and stomatodynia. Burning tongue can affect not just the tongue but also the gums, lips, inside of the cheeks, or the roof of the mouth. The searing pain caused by this condition can be alleviated by a number of home remedies.

A common cause of burning tongue is yeast infection. The accumulation of fungi in the mouth could trigger a painful sensation resulting in burning tongue.

Hormonal deficiency and abnormality can also cause scalded mouth syndrome. As hormones are over-secreted or are produced at an abnormal rate by the glands, it can affect the mouth, especially when the hormones involved are those involved in digestion activities occurring inside the mouth.

Acid reflux is also a common cause of burning tongue. Acids in our stomach sometimes have the tendency to rise up in our throat with food. This can trigger a searing sensation that can be felt at the back of the mouth.

Food allergy can also trigger burning tongue. Allergens can incite reactions with hormones present in the mouth that, in turn, trigger a painful sensation inside it.

Nerve damage is also considered a common cause for burning tongue. Nerves transmit messages to the brain. If they are damaged, they tend to send false messages to the brain that can result in pain in the tongue. This condition usually occurs when the nerve damage is localized in the tongue or anywhere near it.

To alleviate pain caused by burning tongue, a number of home remedies can be used. These are cheap remedies where the necessary ingredients are readily available inside the home or are easily accessible to a patient.

A common and well know home remedy for burning tongue is gum. Chewing gum can neutralize acid formation in the mouth, thus alleviating the pain.

Sucking ice can also help in reducing pain associated with burning tongue. Since ice is readily available in every home, this is one of the most common treatments for burning tongue sensation.

Drinking plenty of water can also help with burning tongue. Water tends to balance PH level in the mouth that can, in turn, neutralize or prevent acid build up in it.

Honey and milk increase the level of blood circulation in the tongue and can also be considered a good remedy for burning tongue.

Fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices are likewise accepted as an effective home remedy for burning tongue. The acids in fruits are not as harmful as acids in the stomach. The nutrients are also a source of protection against scalding mouth syndrome.

Iron rich foods are a good addition to the diet for burning tongue patients. Iron rich foods help in the production of red blood cells that replace damaged cells. Iron rich foods include meats, spinach, almonds, beans, etc. (Iron is better absorbed from raw food sources!)

However, even with these home remedies, it is imperative to consult with a doctor during early signs of a worsening condition of burning tongue. The pain should not be endured completely but treated with proper medications from medical experts. There are cases when people tend to ignore the disease and it leads to complications. Home remedies for burning tongue are there for initial and immediate relief, but the long term and complete cure should come from a medical expert.

Home Remedies for Angular Cheilitis

January 6th, 2011

Angular cheilitis manifests itself by red, cracked dry skin within corners of the mouth. The condition is more common than most people think and can affect people of nearly all ages. The problem is that once it develops, bacteria and fungus can grow in the affected areas, and this in turn will cause an infection. The most troublesome part is that it can come and go if you are not determined to treat it properly. Besides being very physically painful, it can lead the sufferer to feel insecure and lose self-confidence. But, that’s why you’re here and below are presented a few home remedies that you can try to clear up the nasty condition and its painful symptoms.

Figuring out what will be the most effective angular cheilitis home remedy for your condition is not an easy task. This is because there are plenty of them that can cure different types of skin problems. Also, the causes can differ from one person to another. The pain seems to cut literally especially when you need to open your mouth – something that you have to do when you need to speak, eat or drink. Not all individuals want to exert dedicated effort and time to find effective remedies for cheilitis. This initially encourages them to resort to medications prescribed by doctors thinking that this is the easiest route to treat the problem.

Natural cures for angular cheilitis can take care of this very uncomfortable and shameful problem. These methods consist of using home available solutions and other items that are typically easy to find, i.e. Amazon.

See the book covers below for special at home treatment programs that use natural remedies to get rid of cheilitis. These come with a small price, (still less than the price of a doctor’s visit) but contain many, many more remedies. Since there are different causes to the condition, there are different remedies and having all of them available to you might be worth the price. Below the home treatment programs are a few specific home remedies that you can try. Feel free to add more in the comments.

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1. Deficiency in iron, riboflavin, vitamins B-2, B-3, and B-12 can be a cause. This is why a well balanced diet is really the best home remedy you can use. As mom would say, make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and food items high in iron.

2. Try slicing a piece of cucumber and rub it on the corners of your mouth.

3. Aloe vera gel helps to provide relief, but isn’t a long term cure.

4. There is a special lip balm called “Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm” which has good reviews and goes for about $4.00 on Amazon.

5. Try placing a humidifier in your bedroom as you sleep to keep the air moist.

6. Antifungal cream helps and is usually what the Doctor will prescribe if you make a visit.

7. More on diet: follow an anti-fungal diet and limit intake of foods such as refined sugar, yeast, alcohol, and dairy products.

8. Some have tried yeast infection cream or neosporin as a successful temporary fix.

9. If you live in Europe, there is a cream called “Sudocream” that has worked for some. It is basically a cream for diaper rash.

10. Drink LOTS of water.

Home remedies are very effective and can be used effectively to permanently remove this disease. Many of these focus on “drying out” the areas where bacteria and fungi thrive without causing the sores, lesions, and cracks to worsen. They commonly only involve one or two of the key ingredients that are frequently found in most homes. It can also be easily bought from any store or groceries.

Almost everyone has experienced angular cheilitis also known as angular stomatitis, perleche or cheilosis at some point in their life. This means that you are not alone in this battle and there are many other sufferers that are being challenged by this very grudging condition. But if you are able to understand how it developed, the easier it would be for you to discover an effective angular cheilitis home remedy that can free you from the negative consequences that it brings about.