Home Remedies for Toothache

If people were to list the pains that they never want to experience again, toothaches would make the list. When you were young, you were told to stop eating candy because it was bad for your teeth. You were told to brush your teeth after you eat and before going to bed. You probably have whined over a toothache that gave you sleepless nights. Toothaches are seriously painful. They can last for hours and recur until you get rid of the root of the problem. Going to the dentist is horrifying for some people. Even Hitler, the known Nazi leader who ordered the killing of thousands of people, was afraid of going to the dentist. Once the pain strikes, you do not need to fret. There are many easy and effective home remedies for toothache.

Toothache is caused by tooth decay. Mouth bacteria is responsible for damaging your tooth. These bacterium live in the creases of your teeth and eventually destroy them. Food debris stuck in your mouth is the main carrier of bacteria. No wonder your parents always reminded you to brush your teeth after eating. To get rid of a toothache quickly, you only have to go to your backyard or simply raid you kitchen for some quick home remedies.

Clove oil is good for toothaches. It is used as a traditional herbal medicine for dental problems by Indians and Chinese. To use clove oil, all you have to do is get a cotton swab and apply clove oil on the aching tooth. This will not just ease the pain; this will also cure tooth damage.

Garlic cloves also provide quick relief from toothaches. You need to get a clove of garlic and peel away its covering. Pound the garlic and place it on the damaged tooth. Some people chew the garlic. Its juice relieves the pain of the infected tooth and prevents further infection. Garlic is known for its antibacterial component.

Chewing guava leaves is another easy but effective home remedy for toothache. In the suburbs, guava leaves are easy to find. You only need two fresh leaves of guava. Make sure to wash them thoroughly with running water. Chew them until the juice comes out. The juice from the leaves is good in healing a toothache. If spinach is easier to find, you can opt to chew this instead. Spinach is known for its ability to relieve toothaches and strengthen the outermost covering of the teeth. Raw onion is another option. Onions are known for their ability to kill bacteria. Just chew raw onions for three to five minutes and see how quickly it takes away the pain of a damaged tooth.

Raid your kitchen for some mustard oil and turmeric. Mix the two ingredients together. Apply a generous amount on the affected teeth. You can apply the mixture to the surrounding gums as well. This home remedy is known for its effectiveness in curing tooth problems.

Another really quick home remedy for a toothache is gargling with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is very good at killing bacteria. Do this every after meal to make sure that no germs from your food get stuck in your teeth creases and mouth.

The home remedies for toothaches mentioned above are easy and simple. But remember that prevention is better than cure. Good hygiene is very important in maintaining healthy teeth. Brushing after every meal is very beneficial. Vitamin C and calcium should be part of your diet to ensure stronger teeth. Following dental tips is imperative if you want to have a nice smile.


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