Home Remedies for Swelling of Feet During Pregnancy

Pregnant women experience various health problems. Aside from morning sickness, itchy stomachs, dizziness, loss of appetite, and difficulty moving, another additional hassle that some may experience is the swelling of the feet. Roughly 90 percent of pregnant women experience swelling in their feet during the last trimester of their pregnancy. The enlargement of the feet is not just a simple case of gaining extra weight during pregnancy. It is a serious medical problem experienced by pregnant women. Swelling of the feet can be painful. It can also bring you so much hassle when it hinders you from performing the activities that you need to during the day. To avoid this disruption, it is important to remember a number of home remedies for swelling of the feet during pregnancy.

Barley water is not just known to treat colds and liver disorders. It is also a known home remedy for swelling of the feet during pregnancy. However, thorough research has to be done on the real effect of barley water. Some sources have claimed that intake of barley water is effective in increasing the production of milk among mothers. But some sources have also claimed that barley, when combined with some ingredients, like hawthorn fruit, stops the natural formation of milk. It also triggers contractions, which need to be avoided by pregnant women.

Swollen feet among expectant mothers can be remedied by boiling two cups of water and adding in a few tablespoons of coriander seeds. Once the mixture us reduced to a cup, turn off the heat. Wait for the mixture to cool to lukewarm. You can apply this to the swollen feet. This is a traditional home remedy for swelling of feet during pregnancy.

Washing the feet with running water for at least ten minutes before you rest can prevent swelling. This can also make your feet feel relaxed after a tiring activity.

Swelling of the feet is caused by many factors. One factor is an increase in the blood volume in the feet and leg area. It is essential not to stand for a long time because it causes blood to concentrate in your feet. Take a rest after every 15 minutes when you are pregnant. Remember that you are now carrying a person inside you. Much weight has been added to your body. Your feet need extra rest to be able to support you.

Another cause of swelling is high intake of sodium and caffeine. When you are pregnant, be extra conscious with your diet. Make sure that you do not eat too much salty food. Also remember to drink lots of water, at least 7 to 8 glasses in a day, to flush away the toxins, including the salts, from your body. Regulate your consumption of coffee, cola, tea, and other drinks with caffeine content. Do eat potassium rich food like bananas. A banana a day can serve as your dessert in a meal. Also be very conscious about your level of uric acid. High uric acid causes swelling of joints. When you are pregnant, you are more prone to joint swelling because your weight increases. Foods that should be avoided are beans, beef, pork, fish, seafoods, asparagus, lettuce, cauliflower, oatmeal, and spinach, among others.

Make your pregnancy enjoyable and convenient. Follow the preventive measures and make sure to use the home remedies for swelling of feet during pregnancy. It is also very important to check with your doctor on the recommended diet for pregnant women. Make it a regular habit to visit an OB-gyn to ensure your health and your baby’s development.

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