Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks usually result from rapid stretching of the skin. These unwanted marks can be a result of natural body structure changes such as what happens to a person during puberty. Weight gain can also trigger extreme skin stretching that can, in turn, lead to stretch marks. Stretch marks are also commonly associated with pregnancy. Stretch marks are commonly associated with reddish or purple lines in the skin. The affected part can also exhibit softness and it feels as if the part is empty. Stretch marks appear in the dermis, a layer of our skin that is designed specifically to give it shape. The ugly appearance of these unwanted marks leads some people to resort to home remedies for stretch marks.

Stretch marks can appear in almost any part of the body. However, these marks usually occur in areas of the body with stored fat. These marks usually occur in a person’s hips, breasts, thighs, and buttocks. Stretch Marks pose no serious body abnormalities as they appear; it does not compromise any vital part of one’s body.

Pregnancy often triggers stretch marks. Marks usually appear in the sixth to seventh month of pregnancy. The primary reason for the occurrence is that the skin is subjected to a high level of stretch force, thus, forming ugly marks.

Lavender oil is commonly used to eradicate stretch marks. Lavender oil must be applied to the affected part three times a day for effective results.

Cocoa butter can save a pregnant woman from unwanted marks. Just apply it to the part of the skin where the marks would likely appear.

Regular exercise is also a natural way to prevent formation of ugly stretch marks. With exercise, the skin is accustomed to stretching, making it invulnerable to forced stretching with other activities.

Apricot scrub can likewise be used to hide marks associated with extreme stretching of the skin.

Vitamin K and vitamin E nutrients are also good safeguards against stretch marks. These nutrients can nourish the skin, making it flexible. It can, moreover, give glow to one’s skin as it is absorbed and processed in the body.

In acute cases of stretch marks, it’s safe to resort to non-risky ways of dealing with the ugly marks. Home remedies enumerated above can be done as initial treatments against stretch marks.

In cases where home remedies seem to be not enough then one can resort to more effective, but more costly, ways of removing stretch marks. Laser treatments and dermabrasion are expensive but effective techniques for removing unwanted marks.

But one must be wary in taking any operation intended to remove stretch marks. Seek professional and licensed dermatologists to perform the operation. Don’t compromise your skin with cheap but non-trusted treatment. Keep in mind that you only have one skin and that you should be careful with any procedure that you want to immerse it in. There are documented cases of aggravated skin conditions due to improper operations done with the skin to remove stretch marks. You would not want to be a protagonist with these stories. Hence, be cautious of whom you entrust your skin to. Look for proof that the one you are consulting with is a professional. It is never too much care if there is a possibility of compromising your own health.

It is safe to resort to home remedies for stretch marks first before you try sophisticated techniques in clearing out unwanted marks.

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