Home Remedies for Stress

We’ve all dealt with stress in our lives. It’s something you can’t escape. However, too much stress can affect a person’s health. A person experiencing stress-related problems fails to respond to emotional and physical stimuli, whether actual or imagined. Stress symptoms usually include a state of alarm, exhaustion, irritability, muscle-related problems, failure to focus, headache, or an abnormal heart rate. If you or someone you know has any of the above symptoms, it is vital to know home remedies for stress.

A well known remedy for stress is yogurt. Loaded with vitamins A, B complex, and D, this food is an effective stress alleviator.

Foods rich in iron and B vitamins are also good to relieve stress. Blackstrap Molasses is one such food. Black molasses is a byproduct of sugar refining process.

The mixture of alfalfa and sunflower seeds is also a proven stress reliever.

Calcium rich foods like sprouts are likewise effective ways to cure stress.

A stressed person can also resort to tulsi, leaves of holy basil, as a stress treatment. The leaves should be chewed twice a day, morning and evening, for best results.

Another great way to relieve stress is to have one’s body relaxed. Warm baths are a great way to relax after a long, stress-filled day.

Another natural way to cure stress is to regularly meditate or do yoga. These are activities highly proven to relax not just physical parts of our body, but also our mental faculty. Mental relaxation is achieved due to diversion of traumatic thoughts to good and happy thoughts.

A Rose petal, with sugar, diluted in boiling water is another proven stress reliever. The resulting juice can help in mental relaxation and alleviate physical pressures. The soothing feeling as one drinks this mixture can divert one’s bad feeling to a happy disposition.

Regular physical exercise is also vital to prevent the occurrence of stress. Exercise can provide relaxation to one’s body through movements that can enhance body flexibility, and can, in turn, affect our mental state by having a relaxed and more comfortable disposition.

Soothing drinks for stress include warm milk combined with honey mixed with a modicum amount of cinnamon, and also honey in warm water. These drinks are best taken overnight. These are some of the easiest home remedies to prepare for stress relief.

If stress persists a long time, it would be best to seek advice from a professional psychologist. They can provide advice and counseling that can, in ways, take one out from one’s own stressful predicament. Or in some cases, drugs might be necessary for treatment. A psychologist would know the best drugs that can alleviate burdens from stress. Hence, aside from knowing home remedies for stress, it is best to consider professional medical counseling.

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