Home Remedies for Sprain

You have probably experienced the pain brought by a sprained muscle. It is a very common injury among those involved in sports and people who immerse themselves in physical activities. Sprains occur when ligaments are stretched more than their capacity. Ligaments are, in a way, elastic, but just like any other elastic materials, ligaments have their limit on how far they can expand. In extreme cases, ligaments can break and the condition called strain results. If a tissue is torn, it would be necessary to undergo surgery to fix the injury. However, in a light case of sprains, one can resort to readily available home remedies.

Signs that you have a sprain include pain in the affected part, swelling, bruise marks, decrease in mobility for the injured part, or a more serious scenario can induce a popping sound to occur. If you are experiencing the basic symptoms mentioned, then it is most likely that you are having sprain. It is vital to attend to this properly before it aggravates. You would not want to be burdened with the financial problem entailed with a worsening condition triggered by a mere sprain.

Basic home remedies for sprains include application of a cold compress on the affected area and covering it with a bandage. This will reduce swelling. You have to do this a number of times to clear out the sprain completely.

Massaging the injury with almond oil or garlic oil is also proven to be an effective way to alleviate pain induced by sprain. Just be careful not to massage it too hard to prevent further swelling.

Putting black coffee on the affected body part and covering it with a bandage is proven to cure sprain in no time.

Soaking the injury in a solution containing lukewarm water and lavender oil can also help to cure over stretching of ligaments or tissues.

As a pain relief for sprain, one can resort to a hot Epsom bath. This would trigger an instant relief from pain caused by ligament stretching.

There are also a number of lotions and oils that are proven to alleviate pain from a sprained part of the body. One of these is camphor rub. Just mix one teaspoon of camphor oil with one cup of sunflower oil. Use this solution to massage the affected area. Again, don’t be too hard with massaging the injury.

Turpentine oil and sunflower oil solution can also be used as an application to the sprained part of the body.
Hot sour milk is likewise effective. Just apply it as a poultice on warm cloth.

Mixing finely chopped onion with honey is also proven to be a beneficial pain reliever for a sprain.

Home remedies can only be applied in less serious cases. There are cases of sprain that need expert medical attention. There will be circumstances where one cannot just resort to home remedies but to doctors who specialize with curing and correcting tissue and ligament damage. Don’t hesitate to go to the hospital if needed. Home remedies for sprain can be cheap but an aggravated case of sprain could cost you more. Thus, it is imperative to see a doctor if symptoms seem to be worsening or persisting.


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