Home Remedies for Sore Throat

Sore throats occur because of inflammation of the pharynx or back of the throat. It is usually associated with itchiness of the throat, cold, flu, and coughs. Common signs of sore throat include pain in the throat, difficulty swallowing, a reddish color of the tonsils and the pharynx, and pain that can extend to the back of the ears. If left untreated, a swollen throat can lead to irritation or infection. You would not want the condition to be aggravated. There are various resources where you can gain information on sore throat medication. Home remedies can be considered as first aid to prevent aggravation of sore throat.

Common causes of sore throat include bacterial and viral infections. Certain viruses attack the throat and cause it to swell. Viruses that can trigger the flu can also cause inflammation of the throat. Thus it is imperative to avoid being near others who are sick to prevent the spreading of these viruses.

Other factors that could cause sore throat are sinus drainage, breathing through the mouth, chemotherapy treatments, and other immune damaging sicknesses. Certain bacteria can also trigger pharynx inflammation.

A number of home remedies can be used to cure a swollen pharynx. Home remedies are the cheapest way to deal with a sore throat since they utilize things that can easily be found inside a home. Moreover, these remedies are easy to apply since they do not usually require any medical training.

Mango bark is considered an effective home remedy for sore throat. Just mix 10 milliliters of the fluid extract with 125 milliliters of water and gargle the solution; this can immediately clear out any discomfort associated with a swollen pharynx.

A solution containing basil and hot water can also be beneficial for sore throat relief. This can be drank or gargled, depending on what you prefer. Either way, this is considered a magical solution for sore throat.

Drinking tea made by mixing one or two teaspoons of chamomile blossoms with a pint of lukewarm water could also cure swelling of the pharynx. Drink this every hour for best results.

A sore throat patient can also resort to cinnamon as a remedy. Just mix the cinnamon with a pinch of pepper powder and a little honey in lukewarm water to come up with an instant relief for sore throat.

Fenugreek seed is also regarded as a cure for sore throat. These little seeds from the Fabaceae family can be trusted to provide instant relief against sore throat.

But there are cases where home remedies are not enough and you need to seek professional medical advice from a medical practitioner. If hoarseness persists for several days, or if the sore throat triggers difficulty in breathing, if there is blood in one’s phlegm or saliva, a doctor’s advice should be considered. It can be a symptom of a much more serious disease like cancer, AIDS, or HIV. It is vital to be wary of signs for these detrimental diseases. You would not want your condition to escalate before you finally seek medical attention from a professional.

Home remedies for sore throats can only provide a cure for acute conditions. If symptoms of a more serious disease materialize, then it is recommended to seek medical advice.


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    I always take honey and cinamon powder plus a little of pepper and make a paste and swallow it.

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