Home Remedies for Quitting Smoking

Smoking is a common cause of death. It is a triggering factor for the occurrences of a number of diseases which include asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, and even detrimental diseases such as mouth cancer, lung cancer, and heart-related problems. It is surprising how many people resort to such an activity as a source of satisfaction given the harmful consequences linked to smoking. This is because of the nicotine contained in cigarettes. Nicotine is recognized as an addictive substance that can trigger uncontrollable addiction to cigarettes. To this end, it is vital to consider home remedies for quitting smoking that address the factors that can impede addiction to smoking.

So many people have died of diseases related to smoking. As a matter of fact, the statistics on smoking-related deaths are growing at a very alarming rate. This highlights the detrimental effect of smoking.

Some people are unaware of the risks associated with smoking to both them and the people around them. They fail to recognize the harm second hand smoke can have on other people. In fact, there were studies done to assess the negative effects of second hand smoke. The results show that harm inflicted by second hand smoke is twice as detrimental as the smoke inhaled by a smoker. This has a very alarming implication. This highlights the importance of considering other people before you light a cigarette. This, furthermore, underscores the need to be sensitive to the safety of the people around you. Smokers can just imagine that people they harm due to smoking are those people they love most- their relatives, their friends, their spouse, and even their children.

A helpful solution to stop addiction to smoking is eating foods with high alkaline content. Most vegetables are high in alkaline content as are bananas.

Another effective home remedy for smoking is taking grape seed extract. This would not only help you quit smoking, but it can also provide cure for damaged lungs.

Drinking fresh grated radish with 2 teaspoons of honey would also help cure smoking related addiction. Consider this cool beverage to aid you in halting one’s addiction to cigarettes or tobacco.

One can also substitute licorice sticks for cigarettes to help stop one’s addiction to cigarettes.

Grape juice is another cool beverage that magically lowers cravings for cigarettes. Drink this as often as needed for best results.

Drinking orange juice twice a day can also prevent addiction to smoking. This vitamin C rich food is considered and accepted to be halting for addictions to tobacco and cigarettes.

The habit of smoking can also be stopped by drinking two tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water. Drink this after every meal for best results.

But the seemingly best remedy for quitting smoking is being resolute with stopping the activity. Everything has to start with being convinced and resolved to quitting cigarette dependence. It can be hard because you will have to go against biologically induced cravings from your brain. But being determined to stop can overpower anything. You just have to overpower nicotine induced addiction through a whole heart dedication to stopping the bad habit. This seems to be the cheapest and the best home remedy for smoking.


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