Home Remedies for Scars

A scar is a common problem with people who have experienced accidents. Scars occur as fibrous tissues replace normal skin. Those traumatic experiences related to accidents can leave a mark that can permanently be stamped in the skin; a mark that can forever be a burden because of the ugly appearance as it blends with natural skin. These deformations of the skin can also cause problems related with the social activity of a person, which can forever hinder a person’s full potential as a human being. The negative effects that scars can bring to a person highlight the need to know home remedies for scars.

Surgery is a common solution for removing scars. Silicon gel sheeting is a common surgical procedure and can be done by implanting silicon in the affected spot. But high costs associated with surgery leave some people to resort to cheaper cures for scars. Home remedies are a cheaper mode to cure scars and are, therefore, used by a number of people who prefer cheaper alternatives over expensive ones.

Application of aloe vera to a freshly scythed wound would prevent formation of permanent marks from scars.

One can also resort to lemon juice. Lemon juice is an effective solution to lighten scars. It can also be used to cure other unwanted skin blemishes.

Acne scars are common problems acquired during teenage years. To avoid being burdened with acne scars, one tablespoon of Methi seeds boiled in a liter of water for a couple of minutes can be considered an effective solution for acne-caused scars. This should be applied as much as needed depending on the amount of acne present in the face.

Lavender is also an effective herb against scars. Just apply it twice a day for best results.

Honey is also a widely accepted cure for scars. This sweet, sticky fluid will not only clear the marks out of one’s skin, but also give the skin a glow. Apply this several times a day to have the best results.

Applying cucumber juice to scars and leaving it on for 15 minutes is a proven way to lighten unwanted marks from scars.

One tablespoon of sour cream mixed with one teaspoon of yogurt, one tablespoon of grind oatmeal, and a dash of lemon juice is an effective mixture for scar removal. Just apply this on the scar and leave it on for ten minutes. Rinse off after. This method is best for removal of acne-induced scars.

A vital nutrient that can be used to lighten scars is vitamin E. Hence, try to find products rich with this vitamin to alleviate unwanted burden from scars.

But there are other forms of cure that can be considered in removing an ugly scar. Radiotherapy is a cure where people with scars resort to because of the positive effects of this treatment. However, some refuse to try radiotherapy because of the harmful side effects it can pose.

Laser therapy is the newest form of treatment for scars, but also the most expensive. Only rich people who can afford expensive treatments adhere to laser therapy.

Scars are problems that need solutions, especially if it already impedes one’s normal way of living. There are a number of solutions; it all depends on what you can afford and the degree to which you trust the method or procedure. Nevertheless, it is vital to cure scars that are already causing psychological problems. One can resort to home remedy for scars, but if you don’t trust it enough and you have the funds, then you can try the more expensive ways of eradicating ugly scars.

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