Home Remedies for Ringworm

Ringworm is a fungal infection that affects both humans and animals. It can thrive in human skin as it eats keratin, an element commonly found in our skin. It is estimated that up to twenty percent of the world’s population is infected by ringworms. The ubiquitous nature of this fungal infection can be attributed to the easy ways one can catch such an infection. Fungi causing ringworm infections can survive in moist, warm areas. They can live in almost any kind of environment, most especially in public places. In cases where a person already has the fungi, and the ringworm is already evident, he/she can resort to a number of home remedies.

Ringworm is contagious. An infected person can transfer the fungus by merely having direct skin contact with another person. It can be transferred by a fungi-contaminated comb, clothing, or swimming pool surfaces. Ringworm infection can also be acquired through an infected dog or cat, as animals are equally prone to such disease.

One of the most commonly used cures for ringworm is the application of mustard seeds. Mustard seeds must be prepared in a way that makes it sticky like a paste. It must be applied regularly to the fungi infected area.

Papaya is also a proven remedy for ringworm. An unripe papaya can be used as an application for ringworm infected areas. The application should be done twice a day.

Turmeric juice is another effective remedy for ringworm infection. The juice must be used to wash the infected spot. Concurrently, the patient must drink a mixture of the same juice mixed with honey. This combination would cure ringworm infection in no time.

The mixture of spinach juice and carrot juice can also be considered a remedy for a ringworm infected area. Apply it in the infected spot and the infection should be gone with a regular application of such solution.

Another magic solution for ringworm is the combination of herb butea seeds and lime juice. Mix the two to form a paste-like solution. Apply this on the infected area for best results.

Leaves from the Cassia tree, when applied to the fungi infected area, can also alleviate the ugly look brought by ringworm. Prepare the leaves by mixing them with water until it looks sticky.

Meanwhile, a patient suffering from this kind of fungi infection must refrain from food and drink with caffeine such as soda, tea, and coffee. A ringworm infected person must also be wary of condiments, highly flavored dishes, sugar, white flour products, denatured cereals, and tinned and bottled foods as these foods could aggravate the skin irritation brought by the ringworm infection.

In cases where the ringworm infection persists for a long time, consider seeking professional advice from a licensed dermatologist. They could prescribe antibiotics that could kill the fungi or they could recommend the use of ointments specifically formulated for curing ringworm.

All of us must be observant of other people accessing or using public facilities where the fungi infection can survive, as this disease is easily transferable from one person to another. We must always take extra care with regards to using equipment that has been used by others such as at a gym. You would not want to be infected with this ugly disease.

It is vital to take extra precautions to prevent acquiring the infection and to know the home remedies for ringworm to prevent the aggravation of such a disease.

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  1. Hydrogen peroxide is the best!!! i just put it on and it turns yellowish. and trust me IT BURNS but its worth it after that put on some blue star ointment. gone in the next hour. IT MIGHT SCAR THOUGH! it scared for me and my dermatologist had to pre3scribe me a vanishing cream 4 it. so just be careful.

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