Home Remedies for Parasites

Parasites are among the most common organisms that can be found in the human body. They usually migrate to the intestinal walls by entering through the mouth or feet, causing severe damage to the functioning of the body system. Parasites feed off the nutrition and energy of the body and are often caused by poor digestion, bacterial imbalance, and insufficient intake of fiber-rich foods. The good news is parasites can be treated by the power of nature. If properly used, home remedies can be a valuable aid in driving out parasites that live within the body. They can be cleaned out without having to resort to serious medications.

Pinworms, or parasitic roundworms, are predominantly common to children. They easily spread from one person to another, as the lifespan of its egg can survive in a human’s body for quite a long time. The best defense for pinworm attacks is eating grated carrots in the morning before breakfast. You may teach your child with pinworms to consume this vegetable to counterattack parasites. To make it more appealing to children, you can squeeze the juice of the grated carrot and mix it with a tablespoon of honey. It is quite an effective home remedy for treating parasites.

Garlic has been a traditional natural therapy for various kinds of diseases and medical problems. It is a powerful herb that has anti-bacterial capabilities to fight against parasites. It is always available in the kitchen and one of the most effective treatments for parasites.

Different fruits can also offer effective defenses against parasites. For one, bitter melon seeds, more commonly known as Karela, can be mixed with ghee. Take this regularly to see positive effects for fighting against parasites. Similarly, coconut extract can also be an effective cure for parasites. For stronger effects, chew coconut continuously for about 4 days to minimize the passage of worms and parasites in the body.

Lemon seeds that are turned into powder and taken daily with warm water is also helpful in eliminating parasites. Papaya seeds with milk and a teaspoon of castor oil is another mixture that serves as an effective home remedy for parasites. Ripe pumpkin seeds are a relatively cheap alternative for parasite cleansing. Eating a handful of pumpkin seeds can be used to reduce the number of parasites that are likely to bring us problems.

Herbs like black walnut are also used in steering clear of tapeworms, roundworms, and other flukes in the body. You can opt to take a drop of black walnut extract at least 3 times a day to ensure that parasites won’t get in the way. Likewise, including cloves in your daily meals is also an inexpensive way to keep parasites from entering your intestinal tract.

You cannot completely free yourself from parasite threats if some habits remain unchanged. Parasites usually enter the body from eating meats and fishes that are not well cooked. Therefore, you might want to make sure that you do not habitually eat raw food like sushi, or do not serve foods that are not cooked properly. You might want to wash your hands and feet when necessary. Parasites accumulate in the body without our realizing it, so try not to walk barefoot too often.

You may have a hard time wiping out all parasites that are present in your body, but you can always try to get rid of them, or at least reduce their numbers by resorting to simple do’s and don’ts at home. They may be harder to detect, but there are a few quick ways to regularly clean them out by means of these helpful home remedies that are less costly and readily available.


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