Home Remedies for Menstruation

Medical problems associated with menstruation do not require considerable professional attention; therefore, home remedies for menstruation are a better option because they are convenient and safe to use.

Menstruation at times causes major problems in the lives of women. One common problem brought by menstruation is amenorrhea, a complete absence of menstrual periods for at least 3 months. It is proven to be caused by either hormonal or developmental problems. Menorrhoea is the opposite of amenorrhea. It is described as heavy and prolonged bleeding. It is caused by a particular imbalance of estrogen and progesterone, both female hormone types. Dysmenorrhoea, on the other hand, is a condition wherein a female experiences painful periods that may be accompanied by vomiting, headaches, or cramps. Typical menstrual pain occurs in the lower abdomen and can extend to the back and thighs. To control the occurrence of all these problems, an excellent option is to utilize home remedies.

Probably the most available ingredient at home for the treatment of menstrual problems is parsley. A woman suffering from pain of menstruation can take 75 ml of parsley juice, combined with other juices such as carrot, cucumber, or other vegetable extracts. Likewise, ginger has been proven a lot of times to be an effective cure for menstrual problems. You can save yourself from severe pain through pounding a piece of fresh ginger and boiling it in a cup of water. Take this like syrup at least 3 times a day. You can also boil half a teaspoon of sesame seeds into water and take it twice a day. It allows more blood discharge, as well as prevents extreme pain during menstruation.

Aside from vegetables, fruits are highly beneficial for patients suffering from menstruation problems. Consumption of fruits like papaya (preferably unripe) is suggested, especially for young females aiming for a proper menstrual cycle as it maintains the muscles of the uterus and keeps them working properly. For women who suffer from excessive bleeding, bananas are another fruit that they may opt to eat. Banana flower cooked in little oil or with curd can give immediate relief from pain and control too much flow.

Coriander seed is another useful alternative that women may refer to for prompt aid. Prepare it by boiling 6 grams of seeds in a half liter of water until half of the quantity is left.

Some barks from trees such as mango trees are an efficient remedy, too. For women experiencing heavy flow, extracts from fresh mango bark is a great option. Just mix 10 ml of mango bark juice to 120 ml of water, then take it as syrup every hour and you’re guaranteed to be relieved of excessive bleeding.

Definitely, regular exercise is a helpful mechanism to keep the process of menstruation in proper condition. Women facing frequent menstrual problems may try enrolling in yoga sessions or padhastasana to keep away from delayed periods. Avoid smoking as this worsens menstrual flows as well.

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    Taking hot lipton without sugar reduces menstrual cramps

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