Home Remedies for Hiccups

We are all familiar with hiccups. Everybody has experienced the feeling. Sometimes, they stop immediately; sometimes, they persist. Hiccups become annoying when they recur over and over again and repeat several times in a minute. You just want them to go away. So what are some effective home remedies for hiccups?

A hiccup is a sudden contraction of the diaphragm. It is an uncontrollable and abrupt rush of air into the lungs that results to the closing of the section of the throat called epiglottis. In medical terms, hiccups are known as Synchronous Diaphragmatic Flutter (SDF), or Singultus. The term “hiccup” is believed to have come from the funny “hic” sound that you produce when you experience this condition.

Hiccups are believed to occur when you eat too much and too quick. The stomach gets overwhelmed by the intake food and is not able to function well. Others believe that eating spicy foods also triggers hiccups. Fortunately, ordinary hiccups can stop even without medical intervention. But if you want to get rid of them quickly, you can try many available home remedies for hiccups.

Taking a deep breath is a common home remedy for hiccups. This is indeed a classic practice. I am sure your mothers have shared with you this practical solution. All you have to do is to hold your breath and count from one up to ten. This is effective in relaxing your diaphragm and regulating the air inside your stomach.

Another anti-hiccup technique is gulping water frequently. This is one of the common things people do to get rid of hiccups. Or you may opt to gargle water. Many people have testified that gargling is effective in curing hiccups.

Another easy home remedy for hiccups is eating peanut butter. If you have hiccup, rush to your kitchen and find peanut butter. Swallow a tablespoon of it. Remember not to chew it. If peanut butter is not available, you can substitute it with almond butter, nutella, or any food of the same consistency. Many have testified that this is effective in curing hiccups.

Eating yogurt is also beneficial. Get a bowl of yogurt and slowly eat it. You can add any toppings to you yogurt so you can enjoy its flavor. This is one fun way of shooing away your annoying hiccups.

Sucking seems to work for hiccups. A known practice in curing hiccup is the sugar method. Get a tablespoon and fill it with sugar. Put the spoon inside your mouth and slowly suck the sugar until it dissolves. Swallow the dissolved sugar slowly. Hiccups will stop after following this method.

An alternative to sucking sugar is sucking ice. All you need to do is get a block of ice from the fridge and crush it. Ginger can also be used as an alternative. Suck a piece of ginger. The juice from the ginger is also effective in relaxing the throat. These two sucking methods are effective home remedies for hiccups.

If you do not want to make an effort in doing the above mentioned remedies, you can just shrug off your hiccup. Ignore it. Think of other things. You can keep yourself busy with your house chores or other work assignments.

As said earlier, even without medical intervention, ordinary hiccups will stop by themselves. But take note that recurring hiccups should be given special attention. Recurring hiccups can be a sign of serious malfunctions in your system. People with kidney problems experience hiccups very often. The same is true for people who have problems with their lungs and gall bladder. In these cases, home remedies for hiccups do not work. Consult a doctor immediately to diagnose a serious disorder.

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