Home Remedies for Eczema

Check your hands, wrists, arms, neck, face, chest, and the back of your knees. Are there red spots? Are there manifestations of swelling? Are they itchy? Are they cracking or flaking? If you said yes to these questions, you are likely suffering from eczema. Eczema is a chronic skin disease that is characterized by inflammation of the skin. Fluid discharges are often observed in affected areas. This disease can bring you much discomfort. Thus you should know a few home remedies for eczema to manage this.

Generally, infants are prone to eczema.  If you are someone who has eczema, you have likely suffered much of the discomfort during your infant years. As you grew old, the hassles of this disease have probably diminished. Experts can not clearly identify the cause of eczema. So far, research has suggested that eczema is caused by some defect in the skin and exacerbated by possible abnormalities in the immune system. If your immune system is weak, you lose the ability to fight skin blemishes and defects. In addition, changes in weather conditions may cause the disease to reappear. However, there is no need to fret about this. People have learned that there are simple home remedies for Eczema.

Eczema exacerbates when your skin dries up. It is very important that you moisturize frequently. A very effective moisturizer is natural oil. Simply go to your kitchen and look for Coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil. I am quite sure that any of these oils are present in your kitchen cupboards.  Use this oil like a lotion. Pay special attention to areas prone to eczema. This is a very effective home remedy.

You should also be very careful in using skin products. Only apply those which are dermatologically tested.  Avoid using harsh soaps and shower gels. Drying agents like alcohol are not friendly to the skin; thus try to limit putting these on your skin.

You should also watch out for bacterial infections. Always make sure to wash your skin with clean water. Water treatment is a good eczema remedy. Cold compresses are an effective pain reliever as well as they relieve the skin from swelling.  Moreover, sun bathing is effective in killing skin bacteria.  You have more reasons now to hit the beach and enjoy the heat of the sun.

Almonds indeed have many uses. I have mentioned earlier the moisturizing benefit of its oil. Surprisingly, its leaves are also a blessing to people suffering from eczema.  Simply mash almond leaves in water and directly apply this to your problem area. Observe the improvement of your skin after applying this easy home remedy for eczema.

Even the common Papaya fruit is beneficial for eczema. Rush to your nearest market and purchase a papaya. When you eat the fruit, make sure to preserve its seeds.  Mash the seeds as fine as possible. Apply this to your affected skin.

Intake of good juices is a good eczema remedy. Carrot juice, in particular, is very effective.  Muskmelon and spinach juices are also known for their ability to cure eczema. Tomato juice is beneficial as well. If you are one of those people who cannot tolerate the taste of these juices, you can add a few spices or flavors to them.  Just be creative so you can enjoy while healing.

Try any of these home remedies for Eczema to get rid of the discomfort of this disease. Be positive about your skin situation. There are plenty alternatives that you can try. Please feel free to add your own eczema home remedies in the comments below. Share your knowledge of these home remedies with your friends who are suffering from this skin problem as well.


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