Home Remedies for Earaches and Ear Infections

Your five senses cause you to react to your surroundings. What if you were to lose one of those senses? What if you lost your sense of hearing? Your life would drastically change! So learn some natural home remedies to cure any problems you may have with your ears.

Pain in the ears or earache is caused by inflammation in the ear. This inflammation can be in the middle or the outer part of the ear. The problem usually persists in the Eustachian tube. When the Eustachian tube is blocked, pressure builds up. This makes the tube swell.

During the winter, especially if you who do not have strong immune system, you are prone to getting colds. The common cold is caused by viruses which can propagate in low temperatures. When your cold becomes severe, it can cause earache. Nasal congestion can lead to ear inflammation. Similarly, sinus infections can cause pain in the ears.

Bacterial infection can also undermine your hearing. Bacteria can destroy your eardrums. In severe cases, bacteria can even cause your ears to rot. Bacterial infection can be prevented by proper hygiene. You should clean your ears twice a week. Bacteria lives in ears with excess ear wax. However, remember that cleaning should not be overdone. Cleaning the ears too often can cause deafness.

To keep a healthy pair of ears, you should learn the proper way to care for them. Use ear cleaners for cleaning. Do not use your fingers, pens, or any other sharp objects. This can damage your eardrums and cause infections.

Taking the recommended amount of zinc is good in preventing ear infection. But once ears are already infected, increase your intake of zinc for medication. Vitamin C is good in strengthening the immune system. Make it a habit to eat fruits like oranges, mangoes, and pineapples. A minimum of 500 grams of vitamin C is the recommended daily dosage. An increased dosage of a thousand grams per day can be taken once you have an ear infection. Vitamin C is also good in preventing viral infections like colds.

Natural oils are good home remedies for earache. Dropping warm olive oil to the infected ears is an effective treatment. You can also opt for mustard oil. Prepare two teaspoonfuls of mustard oil. You can warm the mustard oil and put two to three drops of this in the ear. You can add in garlic cloves if desired. Two cloves should be enough. Heat mustard oil with garlic over low heat. Turn off the heat when the mixture turns black. Let this cool and put two to three drops of this inside the infected ear.

Another natural oil that you can use to remedy ear infection is sesame oil. Heat the sesame oil. Again, you can add in garlic to make it heal faster. Mixing different kinds of natural oils is very effective in healing ear infection. Warm a mixture of three drops of almond oil, two drops of lavender oil, two drops of chamomile oil, plus three drops of tea tree oil. Let the mixture cool and apply two to three drops of the mixture to the infected ear. Warm natural oils are very effective in easing inflammation. It is also good in decreasing the amount of bacteria in the ears.

Onions have many medicinal uses. Onion juice is effective in healing infections. All you need to do is get one onion bulb. Squeeze the juice out of the onion and put two drops of this to the affected ears. This is a very good home remedy for earache.


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