Home Remedies for Diabetes

How many times have you been reminded to moderate your consumption of sugar so you will not suffer from Diabetes? Have you felt guilty every time you over eat desserts and chocolates? How much effort have you exerted to resist drinking soft drinks every meal? Some of us worry about how much sugar we consume each day. We think that excessive sugar intake will lead us to Diabetes. However, Diabetes is not as simple as that. It is important to dig deeper into the facts about Diabetes. It is even more important to know easy yet effective home remedies for diabetes.

Diabetes has affected millions of people around the world. The high incidence of this nutritional disorder has led people to discover many home remedies for diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus is its formal name in medical science. It is a condition when a person has high level of glucose or blood sugar brought about by the low level of insulin production. Insulin is responsible for regulating the amount of glucose in our blood.

Diabetes can be genetic. If your parents or close relatives are diabetic, you are more likely to have it. It is imperative that you be more conscious about your sugar level.  It is advisable that you regularly see your doctor for a sugar test. Sugar tests require you to undergo fasting for at least 2 hours before the screening. You are diabetic if your blood sugar level after fasting is beyond 120 mg. per 100 ml of blood.  The test will tell you what kind of Diabetes you are suffering from. It can either be Type 1, Type 2, or Gestational Diabetes.  You have type 1 diabetes if your insulin production is lower than the normal. If you suffer from this type, insulin shots are recommended. You have type 2 Diabetes if you have enough insulin but your body does not utilize it. This type of Diabetes can be cured with proper diet. You are likely to have Gestational Diabetes if you are pregnant. But once you have delivered your baby, you blood sugar goes back to normal.

Your diet determines your probability of acquiring Diabetes. You should avoid eating too many carbohydrates to prevent diabetes. Keep an active lifestyle also. You have to develop the habit of exercising. It is very important to watch your weight as well. Obese people are at higher risk of having Diabetes.

Today, there are numerous cures for and preventive measures against having high glucose levels. There are simple home remedies for diabetes. I guarantee you that these remedies are very handy. You can do this in minutes. You can find the required ingredients around your house.

Fruits are very effective in curing and preventing diabetes. If you are suffering from diabetes, make it a habit to drinking grape fruit juice regularly. The leaves of mangoes are also an effective home remedy for Diabetes. Make a tea out of the mango leaves and drink this every morning. This can regulate the level of glucose in your system. Jamun leaves are effective too. You can mash Jamun leaves and mix them with water. Drink this for five to ten days. Or if you want a hassle-free home remedy for diabetes, you can simply chew some Jamun leaves every morning and evening. Jamun is particularly effective during the early stage of the disorder.

Fruits rich in vitamin C are also good for diabetic people. Indian gooseberry, in particular, is a good home remedy for Diabetes. If you are a Type 1 diabetic, just prepare a tablespoon of Indian gooseberry and pour it into a cup of fresh bitter-gourd. Make sure to drink this daily for two months. This concoction can induce insulin production.

Diabetes is a serious disorder. However, you can manage it by having the right diet, living an active lifestyle, and using home remedies for diabetes. Even if you are using these home remedies, you need to consult with a doctor to make sure your condition doesn’t worsen.


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