Home Remedies for Depression

People suffering from depression are not capable of moving on with their lives like other people who are free from this debilitating condition. Depression and its symptoms, when left untreated, can bring about interference in an individual’s capacity to perform normal tasks on a daily basis. Not all individuals with depression can handle the expensive cost of therapy sessions. While there are commercially prepared medications for depression, the downside with this choice of treatment is the reality that there are possible side effects that are not ideal at all. Dependence is also likely when you make use of conventional medications for depression. This is the main reason why many turn to home remedies for depression which can be consumed without having to worry about any side effects that can be debilitating to your overall health.

There are different types of depression, as well as many causes of this mental condition. These can range from conditions associated with hormonal changes, genetic origin, and even life experiences that brought about stress and trauma. There are also cases of depression that are caused by environmental factors and inadequate consumption of foods rich in Vitamin B Complex. Indeed there is actually no definite and general basis as to why a person can be depressed, and the effect of depression can vary from one person to another.

People love flowers, especially roses. You will love them more after knowing that rose petals, when combined with boiling water and enough sugar, can significantly reduce depression. This is actually one of the most effective and easy to prepare home remedies for depression. So the next time that you feel depressed, why not try this rose petal solution?

Depression is a feeling when you feel as if everything is just crumbling to pieces. When this occurs to you, head to your refrigerator or fruit basket and get an apple. This is because studies have revealed that this fruit has the ability to give a lift to the depressed feeling that a person might have. The good effects are better achieved when you mix apples with honey and milk – Apple shake? Sounds like a good and yummy home remedy for depression, doesn’t it?

Tulsi with sage will make an effective tea for relieving depression. Mix ¼ teaspoon of tulsi with ½ teaspoon of sage and a cup of hot water. Drink it two times a day to achieve faster and better results. You can get the same effect with green cardamoms mixed with hot water and sugar.

Now if you are used to making your omelets and other delectable dishes with asparagus, you would certainly find it ideal to learn that asparagus can also be an effective home remedy for depression. Make use of the root of asparagus: dry it for 2 grams of powdered asparagus root. This solution should only be taken once each day.

Additionally, there are also practices that when carried out successfully will result in positive gains in alleviating and eliminating depression. Although not involving the use of commonly available substances, meditation and relaxation exercises can do wonders and can be taken as part of the many effective home remedies for depression. Research has revealed the effectual reaction of the body to meditation since doing it properly would result in reinstating the balance in the mind of a particular individual. Since meditation and other relaxation exercises have the ability to help a person focus their attention in one particular subject, this helps in effectively disrupting the emergence of negative thoughts that can make a person feel depressed.

Keeping your body physically healthy can also improve your mental health. Exercise regularly to keep your body and mind in peak condition.


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