Home Remedies for Coughing

Coughing is a natural self defense of our body against foreign materials and mucus that can accumulate in our lungs and throat. Coughing occurs when something blocks the air passage to and from our lungs. There are two basic classifications for coughs: the productive cough, wherein mucus is produced in the lungs, and the non productive cough, which is characterized by dryness and does not lead to production of mucus. Coughing can plague anyone. It can also be classified as chronic or acute, depending on how persistent one’s cough is. Considering that cough can be a burden for anyone who experiences it, it seems vital to tackle basic methods to cure cough and the basic home remedies for cough.

A number of culprits cause coughing. A common cause of cough is the inflammation of larynx or pharynx. These cause a blockade along the respiratory tract that could trigger cough.

Smoking can also lead to coughing. The primary suspect is nicotine, which directly attacks the lungs and obstructs air valves in it. Extreme smoking can lead not only to coughing, but in extreme cases, lung cancer.

Allergies can also trigger coughing. Pollutants cause the production of histamine and, in turn, cough. Histamine is an important protein involved in many allergic reactions. Releasing histamine is one of our body’s natural responses to allergens.

There are a number of available home remedies for cough which you can adhere to. First, you can resort to lemon. Just cut the lemon, sprinkle with black pepper powder, then suck. This method can reduce coughing.

Honey and white pepper can also alleviate cough. Just mix a pinch of ground white pepper with one teaspoon of pure honey. This sweet and salty solution can effectively lessen the burden of coughing.

In cases where one experiences dry coughing, almonds are considered an effective treatment. Almonds can be made into a paste through soaking. This could serve as a first aid relief for dry cough.

For immediate relief from coughing, one can try crushing a medium sized onion then adding lemon juice and one cup of boiling water to form a solution. The resulting mixture is an effective medicine for cough.

Onion and honey are also regarded as cough remedies. Mix the two to come up with a thick mixture that would be taken two to three times a day. This is an effective substitute for cough syrup.

A delicious cough soothing remedy is carrot juice. Drink this while hot. You will be surprised at how this drink can remove the pain caused by coughing in an instant.

Consider natural remedies as a first defense. Natural remedies are always the best since they pose no side effects that could further harm your body.

But keep in mind that if a cough persists, you need to consult with a doctor. Don’t wait for your condition to become aggravated. Seek professional advice as soon as symptoms materialize. Remember that prevention is better than cure. You would not want to burden yourself financially and emotionally in cases where you are already experiencing a serious disease.

It’s really vital to be aware of home remedies for cough.


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