Home Remedies for Bursitis

Bursa is a sac that is filled with fluid and plays an important role in reducing the friction between several parts of the body, such as the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and heel; it works as a gliding surface to make normal movements trouble-free. The number of bursae (plural form) may vary from one person to another, but the average number of bursae for humans is approximately 160. If one or more bursae are inflamed, a medical condition called bursitis is likely to occur. To further explain this phenomenon, it can simply be expounded by saying that bursae contain special cells, synovial cells, which secrete fluid that is protein-enriched. If one or more is intruded by bacterial infection or too much movement, it becomes painful. Bursitis pain does not quickly go away unless properly treated and one of the most effective paths that you can try is that of home remedies.

The most basic thing to do is to apply an ice pack to the inflicted area to lessen the pain. Also, ice therapy is an effective way to bring down the swelling. Do this repetitively until the inflammation has completely shrunk. It is advisable that you apply the ice pack covered with a towel to keep the ice from direct contact with the swollen area. Hot and cold compress procedure can be another home remedy for bursitis, too. It gives prompt relief to the unbearable pain especially when bursitis is in its initial stage.

One of the most effective home remedies for reducing bursitis is ginger. It can be applied externally on the affected area or taken internally. Prepare the ginger treatment like a poultice for better results.

Similarly, honey and apple cider vinegar is a good combination, too, to promote bursitis healing. Simply mix these two ingredients with water and drink at regular intervals during the day.

Essential oils are excellent home remedies for bursitis, too. Emu oil contains linolenic acid, a vital element that fights against muscle and joint pains, and is quite an effective relief for bursitis. It can be externally applied to the affected area by rubbing some amount on the skin. Let the skin absorb it for a while until the pain subsides.
Applying castor oil is yet another great option for bursitis relief. To make it more effective, apply castor oil on distressed bursae, and then cover with cotton or a heating pad. Who would have thought that olive oil also helps reduce pains brought by bursitis? But yes, it is one of the most popular remedies that has been passed from generation to generation.

Interestingly, the mix of comfrey, alfalfa, and chaparral is a proven way to knock down soreness caused by bursitis. Not everyone is familiar with mullein tea therapy, but you should try this because it works wonderfully with bursitis. It is not ideal that you drink mullein tea alone. Rather, get some cloth from your room and soak it with comfrey or mullein tea for a while. The cloth will absorb the elements from comfrey and mullein tea, and then you can directly apply it to the swollen bursae to provide you with quick relief from pain. It is proven by many to be an efficient cure to bursitis cases.

Follow a well balanced-diet, especially when suffering from bursitis. Moreover, it is advised that you particularly include foods rich in Vitamin B12, magnesium, and calcium because they all lessen bursitis swelling. Leafy and green vegetables are good sources of magnesium. Regular exercise, especially stretching exercises like yoga and meditation, are also proven home remedies for bursitis attacks. Lastly, always allow yourself time to rest. It is crucial that you provide your joints and bones some time to rest and heal because bursitis starts when your body parts are overused.


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