Home Remedies for Bruises

Bruises are medically associated with hematoma, or the accumulation of blood outside the blood vessels, in which capillaries and some times venules are subjected to trauma. The degree of damage of a bruise depends on the location where the bruise originates. Damaged capillaries can be situated at the skin level, muscle, or bone, or it can also occur in the subcutaneous tissue. Bruises are always caused by internal bleeding. There are a number of home remedies for bruises that are proven to provide an immediate cure.

Bruises usually occur to people involved in physical activities. It is not uncommon for an active person to have a bruise due to an accidental bump against something. Kids are also common victims of bruises since kids live a very active life. Almost all of us have had a bruise at some point in our lives.

Contact sports can also lead to bruising. Boxing is common example of contact sports where bruise formation is inevitable. Other sports that can trigger accumulation of blood outside the blood vessels include basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee.

Having mentioned the common causes of bruises, it is vital to examine ways of how to deal with them using home remedies.

The most well known home remedy for bruising is the use of ice packs. You can prepare the ice by putting it inside an ice bag and resting it on the affected area. The ice can prevent further build up of blood, and can, as a consequence, reduce swelling of the affected spot.

Also, since a bruise is blood accumulated in a specific part of the body, then it is logical that a prevention of blood flow to the affected part could help cure bruising. Just keep the bruised area elevated so that the accumulation of blood will not worsen.

Raw onions are also a widely accepted home remedy for bruises. Just apply it on the spot with bruise. However, this home remedy should not be used in cases where there is a cut in the skin.

Uncooked egg, applied on a spot with a bruise, is also accepted and proven to provide immediate relief from bruises.

Cabbage is medically proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it can be applied to the bruised part of the body to help alleviate the bruising.

Vitamin K cream, as it promotes better circulation of the blood, can provide a cure for a bruise. You can use the cream as often as needed, as long as your skin is not reactive with the particular vitamin. You would not want to aggravate the condition of a bruise with an allergic reaction to vitamin K.

A nutrient considered to be an effective remedy for bruises is zinc. Zinc is good for alleviating swelling. One should take fifty to one hundred milligrams a day for best results.


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