Home Remedies for Body Rash

Body rash is a generic term used to represent a condition characterized by irregularities in skin appearance. It is usually associated with skin bumps and redness in a particular part of a skin. Rashes can be widespread but most of the time is localized in one area. Most of the time rashes are not detrimental or serious. However, it is best to consider home remedies for body rashes to help alleviate itching and infection due to frequent scratching.

Body rashes can be caused by irritation of the skin, allergic reactions, or as a symptom of another serious disease. Irritation usually occurs as one scratches a patch of skin with dirty hands or nails. This usually occurs as bacteria is transferred from the hands to the skin. It is thus important to be conscious with scratching an itchy part of the skin, specifically when an activity that involves the hands is done prior to attending to an itchy spot of the skin. Allergic reactions can likewise bring about body rashes as allergens reacts with the skin. The red, bumpy skin spots are a stimuli response to an allergen. Certain diseases can also trigger a body rash to surface in the skin. Cirrhosis is a common disease with symptoms usually associated with body rash.

A common home remedy for body rash is chamomile tea. Use this as a wash for the affected spot. Use as frequently as needed as this could alleviate itchiness brought by body rash.

Olive oil is also a trusted home remedy against body rash. Just use this as you would a normal ointment, that is, apply it to the affected spot. You can also utilize this ointment as frequently as needed.

The mixture of cod liver oil and vitamin E can also be considered as a cure for rashes. Vitamin E is considered a natural vitamin for the skin, thus adding credibility to this solution as a cure for body rash.

Research also confirms the status of oatmeal as cure for body rash. The vitamins and nutrients incorporated in oatmeal prove themselves to be effective remedies against body rashes.

Vitamin C, with its antioxidant property, is also commonly used for curing body rashes. Its antioxidant properties fight bacteria formation in the skin. This vitamin likewise promotes glowing and healthier skin.

For people with allergic histories, avoiding fermented foods like yogurt, pickles, and pizza bread must be avoided. Fermented foods tend to trigger allergic reactions that could, in turn, cause body rashes to materialize.

Rashes, as previously mentioned, are seldom triggered by serious diseases, but if other symptoms persist, it is best to consult with a professional medical expert. Home remedies for body rash are present as immediate relief against itching and ugly spots. But with serious cases, these remedies would never be enough. Home remedies can go hand in hand with an expert’s prescription, but it can never be a substitute for a medical advice of a professional.


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