Home Remedies for Body Odor and Perspiration

Perspiration is a normal thing; in fact, it is the body’s natural reaction to keep it cool. However, excessive perspiration is a different thing that can bring other predicaments that in the long run can create more havoc in your life. Everybody knows the social and health impact of body odor; nobody wants to be near with a person that “smells,” right? But, if you are not paying attention to what is actually developing out of sweating excessively, it is likely that this condition, plus other precipitating factors, will result in body odor. It is true that there are many commercial deodorants that you can purchase from the market, but taking into consideration some effective home remedies for body odor and perspiration is definitely worth the try.

As mentioned earlier, there are factors that, when combined with that excessive perspiration, will result in body odor. Just like foods and drinks, there are also medications that can intensify the possibility of cultivating body odor, such as some drugs that you have been using for a long time to treat or manage a chronic ailment. All things that are rotten would certainly create bad smells; this also applies to the body wastes that are not regularly eliminated from the body of a human; this is definitely the reason why constipation is also revealed as possible causes for the development of body odor.

While it is true that there are many home remedies for body odor and perspiration, still nothing surpasses the certainty that prevention is better than coping with it since it has already developed. As part of preventive measures, it is greatly advised to take a bath daily. During summers, it would be ideal to take a bath twice or more so as to keep the perspiration at bay.

You probably are aware of the beneficial gains that baking soda can offer in cleaning, right? But its benefit extend further than that. You can also make use of baking soda in reducing bad odor through armpit application after taking your daily bath. Another variation that you can use with the same positive benefits is to add lemon juice to baking soda before you apply it to your underarm to prevent body odor.

If you have rose water in your house, simply putting some drops of it in your bath tub or the pail of water that you use for bathing is considered one beneficial practice in home remedies for body odor and perspiration. Many who have tried this solution certainly attest that there is no more need to use deodorant after taking a bath since the rose water even when mixed with water can effectively get rid of the foul odor (But still use anti-perspirant/ deodorant anyway!)

Another home remedy for body odor and perspiration that you can make use of is creating your own home prepared deodorant using 24 radishes and glycerine. This is done by mixing ¼ teaspoon of glycerine to the juice extracted from two dozens of radishes. When the emulsion has been properly concocted, put it in a spray bottle and use it as your naturally made underarm deodorant.

Body odor develops as a result of reaction with bacteria. This is why tea tree oil that is well acknowledged for its antibacterial properties is also regarded as one of the effectual home remedies for body odor and perspiration. In case you are not very comfortable using white vinegar for your underarm protection against body odor, you can employ the benefits that apple cider vinegar can provide in reducing the undesirable odor that may come up once you perspire too much.


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