Home Remedies For Blackheads

Are you self-conscious because of your blackheads? Are these little black spots affecting your confidence?

Blackheads are a common problem among young adults. They usually appear on the face, back, and chest during the puberty stage, together with all those unwanted signs of growing up like zits and hairs. In medical science, blackheads are known as open comedones. They are large follicles blocked by yellow or blackish residues.  These residues are excess oils produced by active sebaceous glands, which are deposited in the glands’ ducts. Their black appearance is created by the oxidation of melanin, brought about by the reaction of keratin and the oil substance called sebum.

Excessive oil in the skin is the main culprit in the forming of blackheads. Poor hygiene also contributes to its formation.  But there is no need to fret about having blackheads. Easy home remedies are available to eliminate your blackheads.

The simplest home remedy for blackheads is steaming. Steaming allows pores to open, giving you a painless way of getting rid of blackheads. Sit in a steam room or just hold your face over a boiling pot of water.

Lime juice is a useful ingredient in making anti-blackhead concoctions. Its vitamin-C content is an effective natural cure for blackheads. Here are some easy home remedies for blackheads using lime juice:

For blackhead prevention, prepare lime juice and groundnut oil of the same proportion. Mix them together and spread the mixture all over the face. You may want to put extra amount on blackhead-prone areas.  Wash off the mixture after 10-15 minutes with warm water.

Lime juice and drumstick pods and leaves can also make a good anti-blackheads mixture. Be sure to pound the drumstick pods and leaves, and then add lime juice to it. Simply apply the mixture on affected areas. This is a proven remedy for blackheads.

For removal of blackheads, mix lime juice with warm milk. Use it to wash the face. You will notice the improvement of your skin after using this home remedy.

Honey is another natural remedy for blackheads. Not to mention, this substance has many other medical benefits for the skin.

Pure warm honey can be directly applied on the face. Leave it for 10-15 minutes, then wash it off with warm water.

Honey and cinnamon when combined make a good medication for blackheads. Spread the mixture on affected areas and leave it on overnight. In the morning, wash off the mixture with warm water. With regular application of this mixture, good results will be noticeable after two weeks. The skin will become clear and smooth.

Another effective remedy for blackheads is honey mixed with lemon, salt, and yogurt.  Use this as a facial scrub.

Lemon juice as can be directly applied on the face for smoother skin.

A good remedy for blackheads is a mixture of water, Epsom salt, and iodine. Heat one-fourth cup of water.  Drop one teaspoonful of Epsom salt into the hot water, then add four drops of iodine. Leave the mixture until it cools. Apply the mixture to blackheads using a cotton ball or a cotton swab. When it dries, remove the mixture with the use of a cloth. Make sure that the cloth is clean to avoid further infection.

Make a sticky paste out of fresh leaves of Fenugreek plant, or what is known as methi leaves. Apply the paste on the face and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off. Do this religiously every night to see wonderful results. Skin will be blackhead free.

A quick remedy is to apply ground radish paste on the blackheads. Another effective anti-blackheads paste consists of red sandalwood, turmeric, and milk.

Greentea can also remove blackheads. Use greentea as a facial scrub.

Apply egg whites on the face and wash it off after a few minutes to remove blackheads.

Mix a half of a tablespoon of boric powder to 1.5 cups of water. Pat the solution on the face with a face cloth. Remove with cotton ball after a few minutes.

Turmeric powder mixed with either mint juice or tender neem leaves can remove blackheads.

Home remedies for blackheads are easy, safe, and most of all effective.


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