Home Remedies for Athlete’s Foot

Wouldn’t it be nice to have dry, non-smelly feet? That may not always be the case, especially when you wear the wrong type of shoes or keep your feet wet for a long period of time. You may even have had a fungal infection in your foot area. This condition is called athlete’s foot or tinea pedis. It is characterized by cracking and flaking skin, redness, and itching on the feet. In such occurrences, your first thought is how to get rid of this disgusting ailment. You can naturally treat it using things you can find around your house by means of home remedies for Athlete’s foot.

Because your feet are one of the most used body parts while doing your daily routines, microorganisms can easily accumulate on them, including bacteria and fungi. They can naturally multiply in numbers, especially in between your toes, if not detected early on. It is also common for people who experience excessive sweating or have nail injuries. Before athlete’s foot gets worse, there are some useful home remedies for Athlete’s foot that are known to prevent the further spread of fungus.

There are several mixtures that have proven effective in treating athlete’s foot. One, vinegar is surprisingly a wise option when you have athlete’s feet. Simply mix vinegar with water (1:4) and soak the affected area for quite some time twice a day. If you have apple cider vinegar, it can work well, too. Second, baking soda solution does wonders with those smelly feet of yours. Combining it with water, baking soda is quite a helpful remedy for athlete’s foot because it stabilizes the pH levels of your skin and reduces sweating. Lastly, a cinnamon solution works efficiently as well. Just boil broken sticks of cinnamon into 4 cups of water, and then let it cool for a while. Bathe your feet with this mixture to lessen yeast build up on the foot area.

You can also use tea tree oil as an alternative treatment for athlete’s foot episodes. Drops of tea tree oil mixed with water can guarantee you some form of relief. In the same manner, myrrh oil and lavender is a known cure for athlete’s foot, too. This is highly favorable to those suffering from overly dry skin caused by athlete’s foot. Apply the oil combination three times a day for stronger effects. However, it is important that you dry your feet first before applying any of these.

Fresh garlic is also a remarkable disinfectant included in the long list of home remedies for athlete’s foot. Rub the clove on the affected area for approximately half an hour. Rinse the feet thoroughly with warm water.

Who would have known that mouthwashes such as Listerine also work on your feet? It is effective particularly when your athlete’s foot starts to blister and itch ruthlessly. Rubbing alcohol is also an effective home remedy to get rid of fungal infection as long as you apply it to clean, dry feet.

You can also soak your feet in a mixture of dark beer (yes beer!), vinegar, and probiotics. Do this twice a day for best results. It smells awful, but it really works!

If you are serious about keeping your feet healthy and fungal-free, you must understand that good hygiene practices must be observed. Besides keeping your feet dry and clean at all times, wear clean socks and change them twice a day, depending on the kind of activity you are exposed to. Take note that fungus loves wet areas, so try to avoid going barefoot even if you are at home. Shoes that are well-ventilated and not too tight are preferable so as to keep your feet away from bacteria accumulation.

Remember that there is no better way to test home remedies for Athlete’s foot than to try it for yourself. Nevertheless, you must choose the best method that works for you for common problems like athlete’s foot.


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