Home Remedies for Arteriosclerosis

Arteries are vital channels in the body designed to distribute oxygen and nutrients originating from the heart to other body parts. They are naturally soft and elastic but sometimes they can become thick and hard. A medical condition called arteriosclerosis refers to the condition where arteries lose elasticity. Genetic traits, high blood pressure, extreme cholesterol content in the body, smoking, and other unhealthy habits are the most common causes of the disease. In order to reduce the risks of getting this dangerous disease, natural therapies can be prepared at home. Simple remedies in the form of home remedies for arteriosclerosis are beneficial for those who suffer from the disease.

Going for fruit and vegetable juices is one of the most commonly suggested ways to treat arteriosclerosis. Lemon, grape, and carrot juices are powerful drinks that you can drink daily for a few days, either in the morning or before going to bed. You can also take green vegetables and drain juice from any of them and mix with water. It is beneficial in keeping your body functioning properly.

Another healthy option for an arteriosclerosis patient is the lemon peel treatment. Finely chop one to two lemon peels and soak them overnight in warm water. As soon as you wake up, take a full teaspoon of this mixture and repeat after every meal. Lemon peel may also be shredded and added into soups, salads, and other foods. It is very good for making your arteries strong and healthy.

Garlic and onions, two of the most popular treatments for various diseases, have been found to be effective remedies for arteriosclerosis. Onions are specifically considered to work wonders in thinning the blood. Include considerable amounts in your daily cooking and you’re more likely to be safe from arteriosclerosis occurrences. Onion juice can also be taken as medicine by taking a teaspoon of it daily. It is a simple yet effective cure for arteriosclerosis.

Parsley and spinach are important to your diet, too. Parsley holds certain properties that are useful in keeping the blood vessels stable and healthy. It can be made into a beverage by blanching some in a cup of water and taking it during the day at regular intervals. Meanwhile, eating spinach is also advantageous in defense of arteriosclerosis. But if you want to avoid too much acid, include spinach in your meals only every once in a while.

Incorporating honey in your daily drink of water is quite effective, too, in preventing arteriosclerosis incidences. Honey and lemon juice also make a perfect combination. Likewise, you also get the same effects if honey is combined with garlic heads and fresh lemon juice. The mixture made from these ingredients may be taken on a daily basis.

Remarkably, tofu has been used a lot in toning down heart diseases such as arteriosclerosis. A soy-based food like tofu is believed to be a safe and cost-effective ingredient that can be included in your daily consumption of food. Similarly, prunes do a lot to keep the arteries functioning normally by maintaining their softness.

Besides eating an optimum diet, one must remember that the lack of exercise contributes greatly to the risk of having arteriosclerosis. It is important to be involved in various physical activities, especially cardio exercises, to keep your blood healthy and active. Avoid getting too stressed, either emotionally or physically, because this also attributes to the danger of diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

It is important that arteriosclerosis be treated as a complex disease. Providing extreme care for your body, with the help of these helpful home remedies, can save you a lot of suffering from such a dangerous affliction.


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