Home Remedies for Alzheimer’s Disease

As you grow older, the risk of acquiring common diseases among the elderly gets higher. Breaking down of body parts such us the brain may strike a person whether you like it or not. Alzheimer’s disease, formerly considered atypical, is a disease known to affect people over the age of 65. The following discussion explores more on basic information about Alzheimer’s disease and ways to prevent its development.

It should be understood that Alzheimer’s disease does not occur in a person all of a sudden. The most remarkable symptom of this disease is having poor memory, often illustrated by starting to forget important names, places, or events. Furthermore, Alzheimer’s patients may not recognize family members as symptoms progress. As this disease obstructs control of actions and language, the patient may have a hard time speaking and doing things he used to be able to do. The worse phases of the disease are characterized by symptoms like bad temper, mood swings, confusion, and complete memory loss.

How do you treat Alzheimer’s disease? Well, there’s no treatment that can actually cure the disease; however, there are many great ways that can deter memory loss or lessen the severity of the condition. Keeping your brain functioning through simple mental exercises is one of the best methods to treat Alzheimer’s disease. You may try reading the newspaper in the morning or writing poems or phrases. Enhance your memory by reading rhymes or singing lyrics of a song. Puzzles and games like Soduku can also help prevent a decrease in brain function.

Meanwhile, do not limit yourself to just mental activities; physically exercise as well. Stretching exercises such as yoga have been proven to develop good posture and breathing, which are both beneficial in postponing Alzheimer’s disease.

Based on an American report, extract of Gingko biloba is said to enhance the brain cells and social behavior of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Its leaf extracts can be made into juice and taken at least 3 times a day for stronger effects. Before taking any form of Gingko biloba tablets, make sure that it has been approved by your doctor to avoid possible side effects.

A tincture known as Leonurus cardiac is also a proven remedy to reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s disease. Making it a habit to take this daily will keep your blood pressure moderate. Also, it has been found that estrogen replacement can cause a depreciation of mental capacity. Women need to be aware of this fact, too.

Herbal therapies are conventional forms of treatment that can be utilized at home to fight diseases like Alzheimer’s. This procedure has been passed down through many generations and still prove effective. In the same manner, essential oils like Brahmi oil and Bala oil are also helpful defenses against Alzheimer’s disease.

The prevention of diseases like Alzheimer’s cannot fully be accomplished given an unhealthy and unorganized lifestyle. Be mindful of your daily activities as early in the disease as possible. It will be more helpful if you learn to take down the things you do in order to prevent forgetfulness. You must also try to keep in mind the details of your routine without having to look at your notes. Getting adequate sleep everyday will also help you to remember important matters in your life. These are just some ways to keep you from suffering from Alzheimer’s when old age comes.

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