Home Remedies for Allergies

No two people are the same. Some are naturally hyper sensitive to particular foods or plants. This is what we call allergies. They are caused by a reaction to certain triggers by the immune system. Allergies are common to all genders and ages. Allergic attacks can happen to anyone with extra sensitivity to a particular food, drug, plant, or air particle. Nevertheless, allergies can be treated at home. A few home remedies are enumerated below to help relieve allergies quickly.

Regardless of how severe your allergies, it is crucial that you keep your surroundings clean of dirt at all times. It is one of the basic steps to prevent allergies from occurring.

Globally, tea made from chamomile is one of the most popular drinks for those suffering from allergic reactions. It contains a natural anti-histamine that provides resistance against allergens. But for those allergic to ragweed, chamomile tea is not an excellent option.

Honey, pure and simple, is also one of the most effective solutions for allergy treatment. It basically works to endure having allergens in the body and makes you immune to some pollens. As much as possible, take honey in its purest form because it naturally loses its nutrients when cooked.

Likewise, garlic is another popular remedy for allergy patients. It is one of the best immunity builders. It functions as a perfect decongestant; that’s why it is used in all types of remedies for coughs and colds. Eat fresh garlic daily for best results. Ginger, another common ingredient found in your cupboard, contains natural properties that are sufficient to fight almost all types of allergies. Ginger is an effective anti-histamine as well as immunity-builder.

If you are fond of drinking tea, there are other useful teas that are always available in the kitchen. For more desirable taste, mix common table tea with honey, and drink two cups a day. Like other natural histamine blockers, common table tea or green tea is a great remedy for allergies. You can also try iced peppermint tea, especially if you are having nose troubles. It is a good kind of relief for minor respiratory and allergy-related problems. Lastly, thyme tea also works really well for colds and sinus disorders. Use one teaspoon of this herb and combine with a cup of water to make an effective mixture to fight against allergic reactions.

Regular drinking of fruit and vegetable juices is another helpful home remedy for allergies. Some vegetables and fruits are naturally good to eat in the morning on an empty stomach to prevent yourself from having allergy attacks. For example, lime juice mixed with honey can be taken early in the morning with no side effects. Do this on a regular basis until a month or so as this is a very helpful tool in strengthening the immune system.

There are multiple things that we can do and share with everyone who has allergic reactions. On some occasions, we need professional advice from specialists. Knowing what you are allergic to is extremely important so you should always make time to observe your eating habits and environment.

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