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It is not easy to live a normal life with all those painful and unsightly bumps on your face! Acne is one of the most undesirable things that come with adolescence, and while older people may also be uncomfortable having acne, the younger brood is definitely the most affected and humiliated by acne. Having acne is really annoying and can weaken the self-confidence of the person who has it. Most acne sufferers, in their desire to immediately get rid of the acne bumps, resort to visiting their doctors, wherein they will be prescribed medications that claim to clear out acne quickly and completely. They tend to overlook the fact that there are side effects that come with commercially and pharmaceutically available products. For this reason, natural home remedies for acne are prioritized by many of those who appreciate the good results they can provide without the negative side effects.

There are different causes of acne, but the food you eat and your daily habits play a great part in its development. Acne is also likely to occur if you are always suffering from constipation because the toxic substances remain in the body. They are then distributed to the bloodstream which forces the skin to work harder in order to eliminate those toxic matters. This results in different types of skin-related diseases, one of which is acne!

There are many natural remedies for acne. There are home remedies that work for some and not for others, which is to be expected. That is why I recommend the following e-books below, which are full of many different remedies for you to try. They come with a small price, but may be worth it considering that you can find all your treatment options in one place. I’ve also listed a small sample below.

Home Treatment Program About

Acne No More was created by a nutritionist and former sufferer of severe acne. It has become a very popular home treatment option. It is a completely holistic step by step program that lists many home remedies as well as the best and worst foods to eat, information on dietary supplements, and much more. It also explains why products such as Proactiv work for the short-term, and why most people fail using it in the long-term.

There really isn’t a more complete book on how to defeat acne, while providing specific treatment options than this. Most users see positive results in as little as 7 days.

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Acne Free in 3 Days has gotten a ton of mixed reviews. The title “Acne Free in 3 Days” may be to blame, since I think it is mostly a marketing tactic to get you interested (I mean just 3 days, that’s awesome!) but when people find that after 3 days their acne is still there, are disappointed in the book and give it a bad review. So if you do go this route, give it more than three days and you should be pleased with your results.

The book is also a holistic step by step program that provides you with numerous techniques for getting rid of acne. It also comes with numerous bonus e-books upon purchase that may be of use to you. If you don’t find it to be useful, there is a risk-free 60 day money back guarantee. Click here to review or purchase this book.

Some remedies you might try: One is a honey and cinnamon paste solution. This is made by mixing honey with cinnamon powder to achieve a paste-consistency. This is to be applied to the face. The best time for application is at night before going to sleep. Leave it on overnight and rinse in the morning upon waking up.

Fresh lime juice and milk can be combined to produce an effective anti-acne solution. This is done by mixing ½ glass of boiled milk with fresh lime juice. This is one of the most effective remedies for acne, pimples, and even cracked skin.

To make a turmeric powder and mint juice solution, you will need to mix turmeric powder in mint juice. Use this solution on the face with acne and leave on for thirty minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Tea-dried basil leaves can be used to create a home-made treatment solution for acne. Cook 2-3 tea bags and mix in dried basil leaves. Cook for 10-20 minutes. This would then be used as home remedy for acne by applying on the face using a cotton ball, just as you would with commercial face cleansers.

Milk and gram flour combine to fight acne. This is done by mixing unboiled milk with gram flour. Use this as your daily face wash in order to effectively get rid of acne on your face.

Combine groundnut oil with mint juice by mixing a teaspoon of groundnut oil and a teaspoon of mint juice. This is great for eliminating those stubborn pimples present on your face.

Ripe Tomatoes can be used as a clear mask. Apply them on the face and leave on for one hour before rinsing with water.

Fresh mint juice can be used as your night remedy for acne. Just apply it using a cotton ball on the acne-infested face. Do not use it during the day when you have to go outside because the sun’s rays could cause burning to the skin with the application of mint juice and other citrus solutions.

Aloe Vera is one of the latest and most popular home remedies for acne; in fact, a lot of organic-based preparations like soaps and gels include Aloe Vera as primary ingredients.

Getting rid of acne does not need to be too much pain in the pocket; there are many home remedies that acne sufferers can try to get positive results. They are easy to find and prepare, plus they do not put you at risk of suffering side effects since they are free from chemical ingredients.

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    Wet your face, rub baking soda over your face, and rinse. Follow with cetaphil lotion.

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