Home Remedies for Abrasions

The skin represents the largest and the most visible organ of the body. When accidents occur and your skin gets damaged, more often than not, you get alarmed. Well, you should be, because deep wounds caused by accidents, if left untreated, can result in more serious problems. Shortly after falling on a hard surface, you will notice at once that the skin is scraped. When the outer part of the skin gets wounded by any physical cause, it is called an abrasion. It does not normally bring about bleeding, although occasionally minor bleeding can occur. An abrasion is a lot different from avulsion, which is more severe and happens when all layers of the skin are removed. Besides cleaning the wound, a lot of people still defer to the conventional remedies at home. Here are some simple home remedies for abrasions that you can prepare.

First of all, it is crucial that abrasions be washed and cleaned with water and mild soap. Make sure that all germs and dirt left on the skin are removed promptly after the fall or injury. Try to use herbal soap instead of the normal soap that is used in bathing because those are composed of certain chemicals that may be harmful to the wound. Moreover, after washing the wound, dress it with Aloe Vera gel, Cod liver or Vitamin E oil. These are all optional but they keep the wound from totally drying out which can obstruct the healing process.

If a little bleeding persists and causes minor pain, Cayenne pepper is effective to use. It is applied to the bleeding of small cuts brought by the injury. Keeping the affected area clean and disinfected can be done by using garlic oil to reduce further infections and irritations. The oil must be kept on the wound with the help of a bandage placed on the injured area.

Herbal therapies offer good remedies to abrasions as well, similar to any other injuries. No side effects are seen with the use of cinnamon, marigold flowers, parsley leaves, and geranium leaves to cure abrasions. Choose one of them to apply externally to the affected area. Make sure to conduct this process gently, without causing too much pain and tissue damage.

It usually takes a month or so before wounds caused by an abrasion will completely heal. The healing process, which starts from the bottom layer up, can be a lot speedier with the help of other home remedies all proven to work wonders on your wounded skin. You can in fact spread some generous amount of honey over the area to help infections heal a lot quicker. Essential oils like hazel and lavender can also be included in bathing to help soothe your skin. Regularly applying a homemade paste composed of comfrey, tea tree, and calendula is also a highly guaranteed way to promote healing. In time, the wounds will form a new layer of skin that is pink and smooth.

The most important thing to remember, however, is preventing abrasions by following safety precautions. When you decide to play or get involved in any physical activity, it is advisable to wear protective pads, especially on the elbows and knees. This way, your skin is less likely to get exposed to potential injuries and extreme forms of dirt. It is also wise to keep a small first aid with you at all times in case of emergency.

Bearing in mind some cures and preventions is an easy and effective way of lessening your chance of suffering from a prolonged wound caused by an abrasion. Nevertheless, you can always refer to the home remedies above for unexpected injuries.

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